Parenting as an Introvert

When I took the Myers-Brigg in college, I fell write on the line between introvert and extrovert, and I think I still fall somewhere along that line. I like people, have lots of friends, and enjoy a good night out. BUT, I need alone time. I need quiet. I enjoy going to out to eat or a movie by myself.

And guess what? Kids do not like giving you alone time. EVER. They like to climb in your bed, eat breakfast with you, go to the bathroom with you, touch you and talk to you all day. Mae literally likes to pretend that we are stuck together with “glue.” Oh and I have someone on my boob every two hours. I’m good until about 2 PM each day, and then I need a BREAK.

I experience total sensory overload at the end of the day.

all touched out

The other night after putting the kids to bed (this is a 1-2 hour process), Jimmy and I started folding laundry, and he was kindly asking me about my day, and all I could say was “I need to fold these clothes in silence,” and I really did. I could barely get words out. I needed quiet. Thankfully, my husband, an introvert, totally understands these requests.

Being an introvert goes against so much parenting advice. The experts say to narrate all that you do to your baby, so they are exposed to enough words each day. Studies say academic achievement might hinge on kids getting 30,000 words a day. No pressure. But his sister talks enough for the both of us. I feel like she hits 20,000 words by breakfast.

Mae does have “quiet time” every day, but that doesn’t mean I get quiet time since we have a second child.

I guess this is why I like being a working parent. I get quiet time in my office and my commute to work. How do introvert stay-at-home parents do it?



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