Children’s Podcast

Mae loves storytelling. She’s a child who picks up the salt and pepper shakers at a restaurant and starts telling their story. We tell her a story each night before bed. She asks me often for a “once upon a time.”

So I should have known she’d love podcasts just like her father and me. 

Children’s storytelling podcasts have become her favorite way to pass the time. She asks for a “cobcast” just about every time we get in the car, and I don’t mind giving her one because it is sans screen, keeps her quiet, and teaches her new vocabulary. Win win win.

Here are her three favorite podcasts. Do you have any to suggest? You can get them for free through a podcast app like Downcast:

Stories Podcast: lots of classic stories like Paul Bunyan! 

Disney Story Central: all the Disney stories your kids already love. 

Storynory: a bit more advanced but still super fun!

Happy listening! 


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