The Most Important Part of My Postpartum Planning 

Hi friends!

I’m sitting in the screened-in porch with a sleeping baby at my boob. It doesn’t get better than this. Well, maybe if I could have a margarita too. 

I did so many deliberate things to plan for a better postpartum experience this time. I saw a psychiatrist. I started meds early. I planned self care.

But now I realize the best thing I did was tell my friends and family I needed them. The best thing I did was make myself vulnerable, say I was scared and worried, and ask for help. 

Because I was open about my past experience, our village has really stepped up and taken care of us. It makes me overwhelmed just to think of all the support I’ve received. We haven’t had to cook a meal yet. That’s how many friends have brought us food over the past 6 weeks. Some of my best friends call or text to check on me weekly. They stop by just to hold the baby. They take off work to spend the day with us. They watch Mae so I can bond with James.

So I’m so thankful that I was willing to ask and receive help this time, and I am so blown away by our loved one’s, and even acquaintances’, kindness. 

There is so much going on in the world to make me doubt humanity but I have been so loved, protected, and cared for, that I truly can’t question people’s goodness. 

Thank you so much. 


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