37 Weeks and Waiting, Anticipating

We’re in the final stretch of my second and most likely last pregnancy. It would be bittersweet if I wasn’t so uncomfortable. 🙂

Do you want to hear the list of pains? Probably not, but I will share them anyways:

heartburn, cramps, back pain, extreme pelvic bone pain, fatigue, sore hips…

But you know what’s really great?

I’m already on maternity leave and I can the most supportive partner I could ask for. We had a lazy weekend, and I got to stay horizontal for much of it. In fact, I did so much laying around that Mae said “One day, I will be pregnant and I will lay.” Ha!

Mae definitely senses the change coming. She has been extra snuggly with me. Yesterday, on the way home from a festival, she said “I want to go home, watch a show, eat mangoes, and cuddle you, Mommy.” That’s my girl. She’s got a plan for chilling and knows what she wants.

I’m enjoying and savoring all the cuddles and trying to take the pressure off this “big sister” thing. She recently said “I still want to be little” and “Mommy, I want let you down” when talking about baby brother. Whoa! That’s too much pressure. I just keep telling her she’ll always be my baby and that we are all just going to do our best, but we won’t be perfect with this new baby. I don’t feel like I’ve put any pressure on her about being a big sister, but it’s also the question that everyone asks “Are you ready to be a big sister?”

I would say “Of course not” if I was feeling rude, but I don’t. But I also know she will eventually be a great sister. She is funny and smart and empathetic. I have been trying to carefully explain to her that I will have to heal from getting a cut (C-section). “And I will give you a band-aid, Mommy, and take care of you.”

My therapist made this comparison the other week: What if your husband came home with a new wife? And suddenly he was giving her extra attention and she was super needy?

Well, I’d be pissed. Although, right now I wouldn’t mind a helpful sister wife. 😉

So we are all anticipating and excited and nervous in our house. And napping. I think I’m on four days straight of taking an afternoon nap. Here’s hoping for five!



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