Savoring the Days of Three

This weekend, we have nothing that we have to do. The long list is done. The baby car seat is  in the car. The newborn clothes are washed. We are ready, as we can be.

And Mae slept until 8:45! So we all slept in. I went and got Mae from her bed and she gave me a big kiss and said, “You’re here, mommy!” I’m usually gone to work when she wakes up.

We all snuggled in bed together, tickling Mae and talking non-sense. We are savoring our little family that is about to grow.

Now Mae and Jimmy are downstairs making waffles together, one of their favorite things to do. I love to just listen to them talk to each other.

Mae has just called up “Hey, Boo!” I think that means me. “And, mommy, pretend to be a bear!”

Sure, I can do that.






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