23-24 Weeks Pregnant

Because with the second pregnancy, you’re never really sure how many weeks pregnant you are. I’m around 6 months pregnant is all I can tell you. Don’t make me do the math. The baby’s due date is April 13th; the planned c-section should be around April 6th, and Mae came two weeks early, so it could happen in late March.

I’m feeling really good. After the thyroid trouble in my first trimester, when I felt like I was walking through cement every day, the second trimester is glorious. I’d say the main difference in this second trimester compared to with Mae is that over night I went from barely pregnant to about the size I was in my third trimester. I was silently smug about how I didn’t get super big with Mae, and I think this baby is going to give me payback on those feelings. I think he is going to be pretty BIG. Jimmy, my husband, was almost ten pounds. Mae was only seven pounds. We shall see what this baby boy brings.

I am really at peace with my decision for a planned C-section. I’m not looking forward to the recovery phase, but I knowing how this baby will arrive into the world ( at least somewhat). I also learned from the OBGYN practice that I switched to this time that I have a slightly rare pelvic shape that is super flat, so barely any curve for the baby to get under. This has made Mae’s birth make so much sense! It also confirms my switch to this practice. I think, too, with Mae I thought a vaginal birth was some rite of passage into motherhood. Now I know that’s not the case at all.

I might also be feeling wonderful about this pregnancy because we just found out that Jimmy is getting 6 WEEKS of paternity leave! His work is changing its policy as of January 1st. When he called to tell me the news, I had to sit down on the floor. I was so overwhelmed with relief that I just started to weep. I can’t explain how good it felt. I didn’t even realize how much worry I was carrying about him having so little time off since he is in a new job. Every woman deserves to feel this reassurance. And every partner deserves to bond with their child in those first weeks. We are beyond grateful. I want to know who to thank and who to kiss and who send a letter to.

I think the second trimester has also triggered my bittersweet feelings about Mae no longer having her spot as an only child. We are cherishing this last Christmas with just her, and just the ease that we get around with as a family of only three. We are also excited that next Christmas we will have an 8-month old chunky boy. It’s hard to imagine!


Mae playing with the same stuffed Santa and reindeer that I played with as a child. The year on the reindeer tags is 1977. 

I snuck her into our bed the other night (something I never do). She’ll be three in February, but she is and always will be my baby. Everyone says that your love just multiplies, so we will be bursting at the seams because I love this little girl so very much. And I’m holding tight to these last few months when my lap is only for her.


Oh, and we’ve picked out a name for baby boy! But I’ll leave you in a bit of suspense on that one. 😉



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