Finding Out the Sex (Not Gender)

We didn’t find out if Mae was a boy or girl until she arrived in this world. And we loved the surprise! One of the happiest moments of my life was Jimmy announcing “We have a daughter.”

We decided to find out the sex of this baby for two reasons:

1. We thought it would be good for Mae to expect a sister or brother and begin to picture that reality.

2. We thought it would be fun to do it differently.

And we are excited to have a boy, but for me that truly just means he has a penis. That’s it. We found out this baby has a penis. 

We didn’t find out that he will like to play rough or play with trucks or even that he will like girls one day. Those are all things that he will get to find out.

I will say it is strange and wonderful to say the word “son.” I will have a son. A new word in our family’s world. 

So we have a baby with a penis, people! He looks healthy. And we will love him. That’s the news.  Now what should we name him? 


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