Summer Fun List

I’ve mentioned it a few times, so I thought I’d make it public. Here is our Summer Fun List. I made it for two main reasons: 1. I love adventure and trying new things with Mae. 2. Playing with your toddler can be pretty boring, let’s be honest, so we need to get out of the house!

  1. Durham Life and Science Museum (completed and totally awesome)
  2. Airport Observation Deck
  3. Visit a farm.
  4. Prairie Ridge Ecostation
  5. 3 Bears Acres
  6. Aloha Safari Zoo (completed and loved it)
  7. Duke Gardens
  8. Go for a hike. (We went to Hemlock Bluffs in Cary. Recommend it)
  9. Go camping. (Pretend camping in our backyard was just enough)
  10. Volunteer/activism. (She came to the Climb Out of the Darkness Walk)

My neighbor has “catching fireflies” on her list, which I love. I also really want to do a lemonade stand!

I know for some that a list takes the spontaneity and fun out of summer, but we still have plenty for time and room for that kind of fun too. But without this list, I’d probably get stuck taking her to the same parks and the pool all summer.

What’s on your list?


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