100 Days of Photos and Poetry

I’m participating in the 100 Days Project. I’m going to write a poem inspired by a photograph every day for 100 days. The fancy word for this is ekphrasis.

I love photography and I love poetry, so why not combine them? Sometimes the photo will be one I’ve taken, but I’ll also just pick any photo that inspires me. Please send some challenges my way! And be careful of showing or posting photos around me. I will steal them! 😉

I won’t post every day here, but I will when I can. These poems will be rough drafts, but I think it’s good to show people the process of writing. The whole point of this project is to set aside big expectations and just get some writing on the page. Some days, I might just write a sentence, but that can be a poem.


Here is my Day 2 poem:


Once I watched a boy

try to bully you.

This was at a fancy park

with a man-made creek

running through sand.

This boy, your same size and age,

had deemed himself gatekeeper

of the water and blocked you from it.

You gave him no reaction,

but you took your little brother’s hand

and walked a ways down the “creek”

and began to collect and carry heavy rocks.

You built a dam, cut off his water supply.

I wanted to cheer from my bench, but you

were not boastful or proud.

You splashed your brother

in the pool you’d created

and never looked back

at that boy.


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