It’s Still Raining or What to Do When Toddlers Bounce Off Walls

So much of the east coast is preparing for a hurricane, and for many people this means buying bread and water. For the parents of small children, it means we are about to lose are flippin’ minds. So, I am battening down the hatches here, folks. We’ve got to get a plan in place, because I can only read Little Blue Truck so many times before losing my mind (even though it is the greatest book).

So, of course, you could go on Pinterest and find about a bizillion lists of things to do with your child indoors, but I promise half those lists, or more, would be full of mess that you know you are never going to actually DO. So, here’s my list, a do-able, realistic list for entertaining my toddler during this rainy, rainy weekend.

Make a fort. We use a blanket hanging over two chairs. Nothing fancy. Just throw the blanket up there and your kid’s imagination will take care of the rest.

A dance party. Get this playlist off of Spotify. Mae looooves it.

An empty milk carton or egg carton is endless entertainment. Throw balls or little toys in there.

PLAY DOUGH! (This is how Mae says it every time)

If your child is much older, they might not get into this, but Mae loves to play the “Find It” Game, which is literally just that. I ask her to find things around the room or on my body. She loves it. This can also really work in a restaurant or grocery line. “Can you find my neck?” She proudly points to my neck. Rinse and repeat.

A variation of the “Find It” Game is to “hide” an item and let her try to find it. However, she usually sees where I put the item, but this doesn’t seem to stop her from being totally enthusiastic when finding it. I hide these little flashcards with colors on them that we have, but you could use anything.

I hope for you and I that these activities get us to nap time.

And seriously, stay safe out there this weekend.


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