For Moms Returning to Work

A year ago, I was returning to work after maternity leave. I was off for six months with Mae. Were those months blissful? No. I’m definitely more suited to working while mothering, but staying home had become my norm and leaving my baby did not feel natural. 

Many teachers are leaving their “babies” this week to return to work, for the first time or the tenth time. And if you’re like me, it’s a mix of emotions: a sadness for the end of summer yet a readiness for a schedule and structure; a craving for a professional life yet a tugging to just stay home; an excitement for new projects and ways of teaching yet feeling  overwhelmed by trying to balance it all. 

If it’s your first time returning to work after having a baby: it gets easier. It took me a few months but then I began to really appreciate work. Going back to work feels normal now. It’s what’s I do, this balancing act. 

My best advice is to find someone who understands that you’d rather be with your kid than sitting in that boring meeting. Those co-workers, who get it, will help get you through. The meetings won’t get better, but your mindset will. 


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