To All You Kitty Haters


What you lookin’ at?

Before we got kitty, I had the following conversation quite a bit:

Me: “We’re getting a kitty for Mae.”

You: “Don’t do it.” or “That’s a terrible decision.” “Can you send it back if it doesn’t work?” “Kitties ruin everything.” “Kitties killed my grandfather.”

I talked to some kitty-hating people.

And I’m happy to report that our kitty, Mao, has way more pros than cons. Mae is an only child, and this kitty is a constant companion and playmate. This means I get a break! I can unload the dishwasher sometimes.

Yes, we have a litter box (but it’s in the garage). Yes, kitty runs around like a maniac at midnight (but we can just lock her out of our room).

BUT, Mao is the first word Mae says each morning. Mae points to her ear (this is her way to say “I hear” and then she says “Mao!” with such excitement. The novelty of having a kitty has not worn off. It’s Christmas every morning.


Mae has also learned how to handle Mao gently, most of the time. This was a good lesson, for her and me. I had to navigate the best way to teach her this. It took a lot of modeling, a lot of repetition, and finally, she gets it! (This doesn’t mean she always listens, though)

My current advice: Don’t have more kids, have more kitties.


I’m fully aware that the moment I publish this post, Mao will go and pee on everything we own.


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