Reminders from My Partner

I got a weekend away at the beach! Without the toddler or husband! Just friends and wine and good times. 

Then I came home because I’d caught Mae’s terrible cold/cough, which is so bad that Jimmy is trying to talk on the phone right now and he had to step outside because I’m hacking so loud. Sigh.

The point of all this is that Jimmy has had most of the grunt work since Friday. Tonight, I asked if he’d put Mae to bed, again, as the evenings are when I start to feel worst. I said something like, “I know you’ve done it alone a lot of days in a row but could you do bedtime again?”

His answer: “It’s okay. We aren’t keeping score.”

Ding! Ding! His words hit me hard and slowed me down. Oh yeah, we aren’t keeping score. We are all just doing the best we can at any given time, and he knows me well enough to trust that. 

It’s a lesson I must learn again and again when it comes to my marriage and other relationships: don’t keep score.

Mae and I just laying around, which is all we do lately.


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