Let Them React First

I’m always working on myself. And I’m improving in one area. I am letting Mae lead my reactions when it comes to her emotions. This especially comes in handy when she falls down, which is about every 4.5 minutes. Of course, I don’t want to see her get hurt, and when she first started walking, I was right there beside her. But she is running now, and as she gets faster and more confident, I’m learning to back off and observe more.

It takes some training to stop gasping when she slams her head into a door frame or falls face first onto the floor, but sometimes she jumps right up and keeps running. Toddlers are resilient creatures.

I’m learning not to tell her what hurts or feels good. She can tell me, and then I can act.

This is one small step in the direction of Mae becoming her own independent person. She can show/tell me what she needs if I just trust her. 


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