Outfit Nostalgia: #TBT

All parents have certain outfits that their children wore that they just can’t give away. They are too special, too full of a certain memory or time. 

I find that these outfits are not an expensive Easter dress or what she wore when she first walked. 

For instance, Mae had a cute pair of pajamas, given to us by a distant friend, but Jimmy named them her “strawberry Ninja” pajamas, and we loved them ever since. I cried when we packed those up.

Around this time last year, Mae started wearing her “little blossom” red jumper. It is a handmedown from her Aunt Kristen. 

This outfit represents my full recovery from postpartum anxiety. It’s when I began to fully enjoy Mae. It holds so much sweetness and joy. When I see photos of Mae in it, I can smell her baby smell. 

What outfit holds strong baby memories for you? 


2 thoughts on “Outfit Nostalgia: #TBT

  1. For me it’s a very pretty long-sleeve shirt that says “Happy days are here to stay”. I found it in a moment of doubt, where I was asking myself if I was broken inside. I did have moments of joy, but i was wondering if they were just fleeting. The shirt was kinda prophetic! 😀

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