This weekend marks the anniversary of my mom and her husband’s wedding. It’s when Mae’s Pop Pop became officially a family member. I’m so thankful for a family that is always growing and changing. There was a time in my life when I wasn’t good at this–accepting change. I wanted my family to stay the same. I felt protective of what it was. But I’ve slowly learned all the benefits of having a growing, large family. I have nieces and nephews and in-laws and stepsisters now. And while they can bring complication, they bring much more joy and knowledge than anything else. We are big and messy, but we show up for each other, and that is what makes a family.

Here is the poem I wrote for Tutu and Pop Pop’s wedding last year:

And so he kayaked into our lives with his silver curls,

rambling truck, soft words, quick grin,

and a mean foot massage,

and these two have been floating

together ever since, holding

one another’s paddles, becoming

the anchor or the current,

depending on the need.

He is our children’s Pop Pop,

our husband’s handyman, and our mother’s love.

She is our fairy, our foundation, our forever

place to land.  Together,

they are the keepers

of bees and givers of sweet

honey. They’ve slowly collected

hive after hive, surrounding their

home in a loud buzz of energy

as if you can hear them expanding

larger and larger into love.

Here’s to continued expansion!


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