Beginners Brain

Now that I’m home full time with Mae for the summer, I’ve been working on slowing down and following her lead. Letting her beginners brain and awe at the world teach me. She takes it all in with all her senses, all the time. Here are a few moments of “beginners brain” that we’ve had lately:

Today we spent 15 minutes talking to a squirrel.

We take turns doing downward dog, the yoga pose, while the other waves between the “dog’s” legs and giggles.

We watch/chase/greet the garbage truck.

We stop and knock on any wood surface just to feel it and to say “knock knock.”

We go on walks and stop to pick all the dandelions we can. 


we have fashion shows

We break into dog howls and barks for no reason at all.

And, of course, we pretend to be cats. Meowing and rubbing our heads against each other.

I think this is the best part about being home with her. The time and the mindset to get on her level and stay a while. I like it here. She’s given me permission to do what many grown-ups call “act like a fool,” but I would say I’m “acting full.” 



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