Becoming a Softy?

I realize as I finish this semester (thank god!), that I’ve become a little less rigid or strict with my students. I’m making more exceptions, bending my expectations to fit certain situations. And I guess it’s not simply that I’ve become soft, but that motherhood has somehow made me want to believe that people are good. I worded that sentence carefully. I don’t believe all people are good. I’ve decided to that believing they are good, or doing their best, makes me feel better about life. I still ask myself is this person genuine or manipulating me? And I quickly decide that I’ll believe they are genuine. It’s easier, more pleasant.


Many people come to this place, without motherhood as the catalyst. I hope we all come to this place, of believing, or trying to believe, people are mostly good. I think motherhood helped me because I get to watch a little person who continually gets back up after falling down, and fall down hard. A little person who gives kisses freely. A little person who shouts Hi! with such excitement to strangers. She is good and sweet and complicated, but good.


So I’ve become a little softer, and maybe better.

But I still won’t grade your paper if it doesn’t have a thesis statement! 😉


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