Moms Matter

May is Maternal Mental Health Month, so I’m hoping to do a series of looks-can-be-deceiving photos. These photos will show what moms often project to the world and social media, and then explain what was happening underneath the surface of that photo. Please email me if you’d like to participate or post your own photos with the hashtag #momsmatter.

This is Ashley. Doesn’t she look happy with her sweet baby girl and husband?


You would never know that this is actually the day she hit her breaking point. Ashley was following her husband in her car and she lost him on the way to get his oil changed. She panicked, really panicked. And she realized she had a problem. Not long after, she began seeing a therapist and was diagnose with PPD. Like many women, she couldn’t get in with a psychiatrist for a long time, but she did find Moms Supporting Moms, an amazing support group in Raleigh. If you know a new mom, no matter how she looks or seems, make sure you offer resources to her like Moms Supporting Moms.



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