Individual activism: ask!

So most women dread drinking the sweet liquid that tests them for gestational diabetes and expectant moms also anxiously await the results of first trimester screening. Almost all doctors/midwives use these screenings yet:

Only 18% of women have gestational diabetes 

Only 5% of women receive any abnormal results for any of the first trimester screenings.
However, PPDA is the number one complication due to childbirth, higher than preeclampsia or anything else, yet only 5-10% of docs are screening their patients. 
If you weren’t screened, even if you felt fine, go back to your doc and ask them to start screening. I did this with Mae’s pediatrician who should have known I was unstable when I couldn’t sit through appointments without crying or leaving. 
Grassroots effort: let’s all ask for screening, for ourselves and for other women who can’t advocate for themselves just yet.

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