Lessons from the First Year of Motherhood

Motherhood has taught me, and beat into me, many lessons in the past twelve months. Here are the ones my tired brain can remember:

* Don’t buy anything new. People are practically giving kid stuff away. Buy it used and then sell it again.

* Don’t have a baby in the winter. It’s a real disadvantage. Have a baby when getting outside is easy.

* Buy a nice camera. It’s totally worth it. Best purchase of the year.

* Keep a calendar and write down one memory from each day. It’s way easier than a baby book.

* When it’s 3 AM and the baby is crying and your husband is on your last nerve, drink wine and take that baby into the bath tub with you.

* When it’s 3:30 AM and the baby is still crying, call your mom and pour another glass of wine.

* Listen to your instincts.

* Listen to your instincts. (I realize that I repeated that one).

* Patience is a skill.

* You can live on thirty-minute intervals of sleep for a long time.

* Buy a hammock.

* Things end, even when it feels like they won’t.

* There are people in my life who will lift me up when I need them, again and again.

* Exercise balls are a blessing and a curse.

* Sleep is not underrated. It is the best thing in the world.

* Rock-n-plays should cost more. They are magic. (We are bronzing ours.)

* Just when you think you can’t love any deeper, your baby gives you a smile or learns something new, and you fall in love with her more.


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