Supper Club: Beautiful Chaos

What happens when three couples and three babies and one toddler get together? Beautiful chaos.

Some girlfriends and I have started a supper club. We take turns hosting. The hosting couple makes an entree and the other couples bring an appetizer, salad, or dessert.

But this supper club isn’t about the food, really (although last night, my friend brought an AMAZING tres leche cake). It’s more about getting together with other parents who have kids around the same age. Right now, the babies range from 9 months-14 months. It’s a perfect range. We all “get it.” Our kids are all a step ahead or behind each other.

Bria, Oscar, Mae, & Henry

Bria, Oscar, Mae, & Henry

They all fuss. They all demand to be fed. They all pull on our legs to be held. We don’t have to apologize for anything. It’s beautiful chaos.



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