Weight Loss Resolutions: Tell A Mom Tuesday

For many moms like me, who had a baby in 2014, weight loss is on their minds for 2015. All of the fitness trends from Beach Body to Crossfit are on sale for January. In Sundays paper, athletic apparel is on sale at Target and Kohl’s.

Losing weight is on the minds of many.

As a new mom, most of us gained weight during pregnancy because that’s the healthy thing for our bodies to do. We must store fat in order to breastfeed.

And then the baby is here, and you barely have time to shave your armpits or look in the mirror, let alone workout. And you keep meaning to go walking or running, but the baby only likes the stroller for 10 minutes at a time, and none of your old workout gear fits, and you have to make it to the store to buy more, but you can’t find the time. It’s beyond difficult.

And now, suddenly, you are expected to loss “15 pounds in 15 days!” or whatever the ridiculousness is.

If you want to avoid making a resolution completely, you can pick a word for the year. This is what I do. In 2014, my word was “flow.” And this is the first year I feel like I mastered my word, motherhood made me. For 2015, I’m thinking about the word “ritual.” I’d like to have some rituals for me, some consistent time for me, but I’m going to keep them simple and keep my expectations low.

Here’s what I really want to say: Go easy on yourself this year. If you want to make a resolution, make one to do five squats every time you change a diaper, or to drink a glass of water every time you feed the baby. Do one small thing.

In 2014, you have done the hardest job; you’ve been amazing. You brought a child into the world. And then you stayed up for hours and hours trying to soothe that child. You spent countless hours researching and talking with people about the best food and toys and diapers for your child. You’ve gotten up for almost 365 mornings and smiled at your baby, even when you were so tired you could barely lift your little one from the crib.

Your year was so much more important than weight gain. You were busy turning a baby into a toddler.

So go easy on yourself. Create a plan for 2015 that honors where you are starting from and all that you’ve been through.

And let me know if you pick a word for the year. I’d love to know about it.


2 thoughts on “Weight Loss Resolutions: Tell A Mom Tuesday

  1. Excellent idea! I choose “learn”. I just started a one-year program in a university, so that’s what triggered the choice of my word. But it also refers to letting myself learn from my mistakes, and not always being so hard on myself because I make mistakes. As long as I learn from my mistakes, I think I can be a good mom. (No certainties here, I’m just trying this out!)

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