Babies and Love/Hate Songs

We love music in our house. Jimmy and I went to a lot of concerts together before Mae was born. These days, not so much.

However, having a child has both made me love and hate some songs. It’s kind of like falling in love for the first time. You have all these songs that capture that love, but then you also have some songs that capture the difficult moments of your relationship. Here are some of our love and hate songs.

During “the colic days” of spring, we had to sing to Mae a lot. Sometimes, occasionally, this worked to keep her from screaming, especially if Jimmy sang in a deep voice. Basically, he would sing and sing on repeat for hours. Now I hate all of those songs, which include:

“I’ll Fly Away,” “Sweet Caroline,” “Trenchtown Rock,” and “Keep on the Sunny Side.” Oh God, how I hate “Keep on the Sunny Side” now. Imagine this song while a baby is screaming:

I think the only song I can still stand from those marathon sessions is Cash’s “Ring of Fire.”

But there are songs that have become “our” songs that I treasure as well.

Every time I rock her and give her a bottle, I sing John Lennon’s “Beautiful Boy,” but I change the words to “Beautiful Girl” and “Darling Mae.” Some sweet moments.

I also have just started to love this song, “Dark Side of the Moon.” There’s a lyric that really captures parenthood: “I want to love you/I want to pass it on/I want to give and give till it’s all gone/I want to know you while I have the time/’Cause that’s all we got to leave behind.”

And then there’s the complicated relationship we have with Mickey Mouse’s “Hot Dog.” It’s been like medicine to Mae since she was TINY. It’s undefeated in making her calm down in the car. It works every time. This means we have heard this annoying song more times than anyone should. It’s in Jimmy’s Top Played on iTunes. There’s been road trips when that song saved us, so we love it. But, man, do I hate it. 😉

What about you? What songs do you love or hate or love to hate?


2 thoughts on “Babies and Love/Hate Songs

  1. It’s kinda strange, but in the first few days of our daughter’s life, we realized we didn’t know any lullabies or any songs that are usually sung to babies (or at least, we didn’t know more than the chorus), so we sang whatever popped into our heads. And strangely enough, it was Don’t Stop Me Now (by Queen) that popped into my significant other’s head, and it stuck with us. It was way too rhythmic to be a lullaby, but it kind of caught our daughter’s attention, and she would stop crying immediately, in the beginning. I didn’t know the words (and my brain wasn’t in a good enough shape to learn the lyrics), so I sang “Don’t stop me noooow! Nananana good time! Banana a man as a as!”. When I hear that song today, it brings me back to those early days, which is both endearing and anxious (not sure that’s the right word) for me. As time passes, I can see that my memory is not sooo good, ’cause i’m feeling more and more nostalgic! Like I don’t remember how hard it was! Maybe it’s better that way…

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