A Little Less Scrooge, A Little More Merry

Jimmy loves Christmas; I do not.

Jimmy actually likes going to the mall the week before Christmas just to “get out in it.” To me, that sounds like something you need to pay me hourly for, like $75/hr or more.

Jimmy has slowly been trying to chip away at my disdain for Christmas for seven years and I think I might have evolved to indifference (I might even like it a little). Because jimmy has unleashed the most powerful weapon of all this Christmas–a baby.

Having Mae makes me see everything through her eyes.

She bounces up and down to Christmas music. She ohs and ahs at the lights. She about wiggles out of my arms to get at our blowup Santa and reindeer.

She’s tasting all our traditional baking favorites for the first time and I can imagine a time when she’ll beg me to make Rice Krispie Cookies. So far,
she’s given us some enthusiastic “UMs!” And there’s something so special about feeding your child a recipe from her great-grandmother. You can feel the satisfaction coming from all sides, past and present.

Tonight, Jimmy and I curled up on the couch and talked about what our Christmas morning menu should be, our tradition, when it’s just the three of us. We decided on sausage balls and cinnamon rolls.

I’m looking forward to starting that tradition.

My grandmother’s Rice Krispie Date Balls….brown sugar and butter and magic.


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