Mamas-in-Waiting: Tell a Mom Tuesday

For most of my life, my mom has worked in IVF, in vitro fertilization. Or as I simply put it “she gets women pregnant.” 😉

So an understanding of infertility was part of my knowledge base long before it is for most people. I’ve thought about these women often and since I was a teen. And now that many of my friends have started having babies, I personally know women who are going/went through a fertility journey.

It’s difficult to talk about. I don’t ask friends if they’re “trying” because I don’t know their story, and I don’t want to make them have to tell it, or worse, lie to avoid telling it. But I also want to be there for them. I’m never quite sure what to do or say.

So many women go through the
painful treatments, drugs, and waiting without much support, because it’s too much pressure to feel the weight of everyone else’s waiting too.

So today’s post is just to say: I’m with you. I think of you often.

But I don’t know how you feel, and I can’t say it will all work out. I do know this: the main lesson that mothering forced on me is giving up control, and I didn’t let go easily; I was kicking and screaming. I would think issues with fertility would enforce a similar understanding about the lack of control we have over our lives and other’s. This is the hardest parenting lesson, life lesson, for me. But it’s made me a better, happier person. However, the journey here was torturous and full of anxiety.

But I hope this journey ends soon for you. I hope you get pregnant, or adopt, or accept wherever this leads you.

I think of you often.


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