List of Thanks: Tell A Mom Tuesday

With Thanksgiving just a few days away, I like to think about gratitude, and so much this year, comes from the moms in my life. I’ve been so lucky to cultivate new friendships and also add a new depth to existing friendships through the common bond of motherhood.

So I thought I’d just write a list of thanks to the moms in my life:

Thank you, Kristen Smithwick, for being a calming presence when you came to visit in Mae’s first few weeks of life, and for guiding us gently.

Thank you, Nel Roberts, for getting up every two hours to help me nurse Mae when I was healing from my C-section during her first week of life. And for taking care of her every Monday and Tuesday, and loving her so much.

Thank you, Kristen Farrington, for inviting me into your store with such warmth and charisma when I needed a friend during maternity leave.

Jennifer Buck, thank you for always reminding me to slow down and enjoy our babies.

Jennifer Rutledge, thank you for being a friend who I can count on, always. Besides Jimmy, you are my rock.

To my friends from Moms Supporting Moms, well, you just help save my life this year, no big deal. 😉 Really, I’m so thankful to know you and your bravery.

Amanda Laughlin, thank you for treating every mothering question I’ve had like an important one, even when it probably wasn’t.

Dani Almeyda, your enthusiasm is always a guiding light.

Elizabeth Bunting, you are my colic sister. Your messages during those dark days helped me carry on. Thank you, thank you.

Stacy Shavender: for your prayers and kind words and understanding.

Taryn Leary, you were like having a mom dictionary on-call during those first months. You also never made me feel like I should feel wonderful and joyful when I didn’t.

I could keep writing and writing. There are too many wonderful women to name. Thank you, all, so much.


5 thoughts on “List of Thanks: Tell A Mom Tuesday

  1. I love your Tell a mom Tuesdays! It’s so positive without being corny! It’s really a great idea! Can I steal the idea of thanking moms I know for Thanksgiving? I would make a reference to your blog… The post would be in French though… Feel free to say no, it’s your original idea!

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