Traveling Tips: What Can You Add?

The holidays are just around the corner, and we all dread those long car rides with little ones, or big ones. I’m by no means a veteran mom, so I asked for suggestions from some friends, and here’s what they had to say:

1. Build lots of breaks into your travel time…for potty breaks, food, and to take in sites along the journey.

2. Find ways to incorporate something fun/educational into the travel because they’ll remember the whole trip more.

3. Let the kids pack their own “fun bags” of things to do.

4. Turn up the music and SING!!!! (For Mae, Mickey Mouse’s “Hot Diggety Dog” is undefeated in keeping her happy, even though it might drive us a little crazy)

What we hope and pray for.

What we hope and pray for.

5. Don’t be afraid to declare some quiet time if you take a long trip.

6. Car DVD players are sent from God. If you don’t have a DVD player, get in the backseat and pull up a Youtube video on your phone. This one makes Mae squeal.

7. Don’t forget to pack medicines, so you don’t have to stop for them when you need them ASAP. Thank goodness for Tylenol!

8. Research the closest urgent care while you’re on vacation ahead of time, so you can get your child there in a hurry if needed.

What usually happens at some point on a long trip.

What usually happens at some point on a long trip.

9. Get temporary black-out shades and use them to try and extend naps in the car.

10. Have a new toy that baby has never seen before and pull it out when things get desperate.

air travel

Airplane tips:

Plan ahead (compact, easy access bag with snacks/bottles, comfort toys/blankies/paci)

Baby wear or use a stroller if in an airport for long period.

Pay a little extra for the right flight time for your child and comfort level.

Don’t rush and allow your little one to explore.

Just check your bag.

Bring lots of small boxes for them to pull stuff out of. This is a great time killer. Let them pull tissues out of a box, etc. Also, you can never underestimate the power of goldfish or Cheerios!

You are not the only parent that has had an upset baby on the plane. People understand and more often want to help… Just don’t be that annoying mom doing weird, obnoxiously loud baby talk to a screaming baby… Chances are YOU are more annoying than the baby. Make friends with the people around you and hope they like kids and will distract the kiddo with making faces and saying hi.

What else can you add? Let’s make an amazing list together. I’ll edit this page with your ideas. Thanks!


2 thoughts on “Traveling Tips: What Can You Add?

  1. If you’re driving more than 4 hours, just go ahead and make a reservation for a hotel halfway up. Pack accordingly. Let the people at your destination know what’s going on. Don’t bother with that “early start” business you could do as a single person (or couple without kids). This tip is for any parent with a kid (especially multiple kids) under 5. I have no idea what to do with over-5s yet.

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