Baby Splurges & Baby Cheapies

Hi Friends:

It’s funny what we are frugal about and what we splurge on in our house. I bet in yours too. Unless you are like my friend Stella, who can coupon her way into earning money, not spending it. Ah-mazing.

Things we don’t spend much money on:

Clothing. We have so many hand-me-downs from our two sisters that we don’t need to buy any, and when I do feel the need to shop for Mae, I buy her used clothes at The Glittery Frog here in town where I have store credit for consigning.

Fancy baby food purees. Mae quickly let it be known that she wanted to eat what we were eating. I did one big batch of  purees and then quit because eating mush PISSED off home-girl. She tries everything that’s on our plates instead. Easy and inexpensive.

Highchair and all eating utensils are hand-me-downs.

Books. We had a book baby shower, so Mae’s library is huge. She is starting to love pop-up books, so I bought her one at Michael’s today, though.

Toys: Friends and family practically throw these at you. We’re drowning in free toys.

Things we spend money on:

Formula. When I decided to stop pumping at five months, buying Mae what I found to be the best formula was really important to me. This formula happens to only be sold in Germany, so we pay a pretty penny in shipping, but Holle, the formula, smells like breast milk, tastes good, and is easysecurty blankey on Mae’s tummy.

Blankets. Mae loves her Aden and Anais muslin blankets, and she has to have at least two in her crib at all times, and we have to wash them, and she needs some at the nanny’s house. They aren’t cheap blankets, but she loves them so much, and I’m a sucker for bed comfort and luxury. I get it.

ring sling

Baby Carrier: I splurged on a Kalea Baby ring sling because it’s beautiful and comfortable, and I don’t regret it. However, we got a free Baby K’tan and Moby wrap, so that evens things out, right?

Stroller: This one kind of goes in both categories. While a Bob stroller is expensive, we did buy it used from Craigslist. However, it was still more than we should have spent. We really love it for running/walking the neighborhood, though.

Camera: This is the most expensive item on this list, but it was the best purchase, in my opinion. I have been capturing Mae’s first year with my Canon Rebel, and I love to see her beautiful face in perfect detail.


What do you splurge on? And what do you buy cheap or not at all?


2 thoughts on “Baby Splurges & Baby Cheapies

  1. The thing i regret buying is the high chair… I spent a 100$ on a chair that converts into a swing, but my daughter didn’t really enjoy the swing until she was almost 2, ans too heavy for it by that time. And I’m wondering if a high chair was even necessary: wouldn’t a booster with accessories have been enough, and a lot cheaper? Anyway, I found navigating through the thousands of different baby items really difficult, especially before i gave birth and thé first six months… What is necessary? What is not? It so dépends on the baby and the parents… I would’ve loved to use the baby carrier more often, but my daughter hated it… I love my stroller with big wheels, but was it really necessary? My daughter hated being swaddled, so i used sleeping bags because she was kicking her covers off, but they’re sooo expensive! I should’ve bought them used. The thing i don’t regret buying new was the reusable breast pads… But then again, i know some women who leaked too much for those, and found them useless!

    I’d say clothes and toys have been the articles i could easily buy used (as long as they were easy to wash), and my in-laws gave us so much of those that we have too many anyway.

    I think we want to buy ahead too much… If i had to do it again (1rst baby), i would ask for favors only at my shower, and i would wait for the baby to come out and get to know him/her before buying expensive stuff. I think the only thing that’s really necessary is the car seat, to get out of the hospital… And maybe a crib (some might say it’s not necessary, but i think it’s better to have at least a place for the baby to sleep, just in case co-sleeping isn’t working for you).

    Thanks for this post!

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