A Much-Needed Day Off: Thanks to Veterans

For me, the time between fall break and the beginning of December is the hardest of the year. Students’ essays hit me like huge waves, and I’m constantly drowning in grading. BUT, today I’m off work, thanks to our veterans, who I think about on a daily basis because I work with them in my classroom every day. Every semester I become more aware of the depth of their sacrifice.

It’s only 10 AM, but we’ve enjoyed every minute of our time together so far. Mae learned how to open and close her mailbox toy this morning, after many months of trying. We listened to the Avett Brothers and ate breakfast bars together. She’s a pretty big fan of the Avetts.

Then we went on a run, and I listened to some 90’s rap. You get some funny looks in my neighborhood for bumping Bone Thugs while running with your baby. It’s my day off, people! I’m doing what I want. 😉

This busy time of the year is also a sweet time with Mae. I find myself swinging from total overwhelm to total gratitude, or maybe that’s just parenthood. She’s learning something new every day. She knows Arthur’s name. She can wave. She’s starting to crawl. She tries to clap. I beam with a pride I’ve never known, and at the same time, say slooooow down, Maebell. Slow down. It’s all going so fast.

Today, we slow down. I hope you all find a moment to do the same. Thanks to our veterans for allowing us to have such a lovely day. I also finally have time to take photos of my favorite subject:






One thought on “A Much-Needed Day Off: Thanks to Veterans

  1. That’s when i actually started enjoying motherhood! But hey, i had some challenges to face before, so that didn’t help… But still, to me, a barely moving newborn was not the best part! Hey, that’s me… 🙂

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