A Day for the Books

Today was special, and not for any particular reason. We all had breakfast together and then bundled up and played on the porch. Mae gave us her biggest grins of the days, always in the morning. Jimmy and I actually read the paper for a few minutes each. Mae napped and we both worked some. Then we went on some errands. I know this all sounds boring, and it is, but we went to THREE different stores and Mae was happy as could be. A few months ago, I couldn’t dream of being able to do that. I used some coupons and robbed CVS and Kohl’s, and the most helpful man in the world helped us at Home Depot. Ask for Frank in the paint section. He knows his stuff and is nice about it.

Yesterday at a yard sale, we bought two worn but nice night stands, hence the trip to Home Depot. So while Mae took a colossal nap, I made chalk paint (for the first time) and painted them. Jimmy roasted an entire chicken from Eco River Farm, and the smell of garlic wafted outside as I painted. I listened to reggae the entire time and found myself in a deep trance, not thinking of anything at all. It was lovely.

Then Mae woke up and we went on a family walk, talking to neighbors along the way. The weather today is beside the word perfect in the dictionary.

I painted a sealant on the tables while Jimmy and Mae gathered kindling for a fire, and then we ate delicious chicken around our firepit in the backyard.

That’s it. Nothing special, but wonderfully ordinary. I want to remember today always. Mae’s constant whispering of “da da da.” The way she watches the sunlight through the trees. My husband coming outside to praise my work. The sounds of children riding bikes in our neighborhood. Arthur sunning on the porch. So many little blessings. So thankful.




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