The Wrong Reasons

Society places many “shoulds” on parents. You should breastfeed. You should dread going back to work. You should love your baby at first sight. You should make your own baby food. You should let your baby cry. You should not let your baby cry.

And then, we are also expected to do these things for noble reasons. We should breastfeed because it’s the best nutrition for baby, etc.

I had a mom come up to me yesterday and say “Not everybody will understand why you cloth diaper,” and the she looked at me like we shared some secret. I couldn’t bust her bubble, but I use cloth diapers because they’re cheap. They save us money. Period. I wish I could say I love the environment that much or I’m worried about evil chemicals in diapers, but that’s not the case. I cloth diaper for “the wrong reason.”

I also hated breastfeeding and one reason I kept it up for five months was because it burns a massive amount of calories…yep, I said it. I stuck with breastfeeding a cranky, poor nurser so that I could look good in a maxi dress.

What do you do for the “wrong” reason?


3 thoughts on “The Wrong Reasons

  1. I love the premise of this post. I made my own baby food because it was cheaper. And I found it easier to blend what we were eating instead of buying a million jars of baby food. I was never the mom who had a baby food making day, I just threw what we were eating in the blender and called it dinner.

  2. When I created a Facebook group on postpartum depression, I was telling myself that it was so that mothers wondering about PPD could get some info on the subject. Turns out, it was actually more so that i could better understand what the h*** happened to me and to express myself (either through my own words or through other people’s words) on the subject of depression without having to face negative comments coming from friends&family (it’s not just to annoy you that I’m posting the one millionth article on depression, it’s for the benefit of other people!)… There, i said it: i created a group for meyself and i!

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