Tell A Mom Tuesday: C-Section Mamas

If you’re like me, you planned for a natural birth. You made a birth plan and a c-section was merely a footnote. That was most likely not going to happen to you, even though it happens to more than 30% of American women.

I thought of my C-section Mamas today as my scar, after seven months, was itching. There it sits, always red and sometimes itchy.

This is when I should say those scars are battle wounds and wear them with pride! Yes, on a good day, maybe. But let’s get real: most days it just feels like I’m scarred, marked, imperfect.

I didn’t “achieve” a vaginal birth, the kind of birth I “should” have had.

But I will say this: C-sections aren’t easy. At first, I declined pain meds and my first post-surgery walk to the bathroom was horrific due to the pain, and I’d just been through the pain of labor.

The recovery is beyond difficult. You’ve had major surgery. Oh yeah, and you have an infant, who wants to breastfeed and cry and be held all the time while you can barely sit up.

But we warrior through because what are our other options? Our baby is here and he/she needs us, and the fact that we had major surgery is a minor detail compared to motherhood.

So, no, we didn’t have a birth that’s considered natural, but we made a baby and then got cut open in order to bring our baby into this world. And we have a gnarly scar to prove it, and it can be beautiful or ugly, depending on what day you ask me about it, but it is beginning to heal and so am I. I guess all I’m saying is, we’re pretty badass.


3 thoughts on “Tell A Mom Tuesday: C-Section Mamas

  1. Just read this today… I didn’t have a c-section (lucky me), but i can only imagine what trying to recover must be like…
    I always tell people when i talk about my childbirth experience, that i think it was mostly luck that helped me have a so-called natural birth. I remember a point where i realized that if the circumstances would have been just a liiiittle different, my experience of childbirth would’ve been VERY different. So many things that can happen during childbirth are completely beyond our control. It’s weird to me that we’re encouraged to feel empowered during childbirth, but when a c-section is needed, those women are left completely alone, feeling guilty for not “achieving” natural birth. This, to me, is a complete nonsense: we can’t really view a c-section as “not being an achievement”! A baby was born! A mom did the best she could with the circumstances she was given! I agree that doctors should focus their efforts on doing as c-sections as possible, but everybody should get off women’s backs!

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