Dear Mae

You turned seven months old this week, and your first tooth broke through. I wouldn’t have known it without accidentally brushing against something sharp as I fed you a bagel that you were begging for. You want everything mommy and daddy are eating and drinking, so we let you gnaw on bagels and hold our glasses. And then your gummy grin lights up your entire face with pleasure and mischief. Really, child, you smile with your entire body.

When I get home from work, it usually takes you a few seconds to process who I am and what it means. You slowly take me in and then your entire body wiggles and shakes with glee. Whoever is holding you, has to hold tight because you almost jump out of their arms with excitement.

You love to twist your wrist back and forth. It’s something you do when you’re happy or drinking a bottle. It looks as if you’re in a pageant half the time though! You wave and wave, mesmerized by your hand’s movement.

When you are pleased with the world, you also do a happy gargle. It’s hard to explain, but it’s my favorite sound.

You’ve learned to reach for me and dad, and you know just a little grunt will get you picked up and held.

You loooooove your outdoor swing and stroller rides. We live on the back porch and gets tons of fresh air.

I like your focus and observant nature. Nothing gets by you! Your Tutu also says that you’re patient for a baby. You can spend a good amount of time playing with one toy. This is SO your daddy’s side of you.

You have his lips and eyes, but when you smile big, I can see me for a second. I don’t care who you look like though because you’re the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen. We drink you in each day, Maebelle.





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