Motherhood and Teaching

I’m three weeks into the semester. The chaos has begun. I am super busy, and I don’t yet know how to do it all, BUT I’ve found that something has changed in my teaching, or more so, the way I interact and see my students…I’ve given up control.

Mae put a big fat bomb to any beliefs I had about being in control. You think you can make me sleep? Nope! You want to breastfeed? I don’t. Oh, you think I should fall asleep in the car? Never!

And I’ve also seen first-hand how a person comes into this world with certain characteristics. He or she is an individual and a unique person, and you might as well try and enjoy it or at least don’t fight it.

This acceptance has really helped me in the classroom. It’s not that my class is chaotic now. I just don’t try and control what I can’t. Man, is it less stressful.

So thank you, Mae, for helping me give up control. Everyone is much happier this way.

motherhood and teaching



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