Shit Gets Real: An Ode to the End of Constipation

Twas the night before the first day of school and all through the house, not a creature was stirring,
Except the mouse, the bat, two dogs, and a cat.
When all of a sudden, there rose such a ruckus,
I rose from my couch, beer in hand, to see what the fuss was.
And, who should I find at the top of the stairs,
But my youngest sweetheart complaining of pain in her underwears.
Patiently and gingerly, I checked her distress,
Only to find in her pants, was a good little mess.
On and off through the night, little sweetheart did suffer,
Till the morning light brought hope for a poopie and the official end to summer.
At 9:30AM, the sounds of delight started ringing,
Little sweetheart had success, and finally she was grinning.
From my very cool and talented sister-in-law, Kristen Smithwick. Good luck with your first week back to school!

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