Tell A Mom Tuesdays: Working from Home

We all know this photo is bullshit, right? That baby would be all over the keyboard and/or spitting up on it.

We all know this photo is bullshit, right? That baby would be all over the keyboard and/or spitting up on it.

Many women dream of working from home. It seems like the perfect world–you get to keep your career but have more time with your kids. Sometimes, working from home might turn into that equation. However, I think it’s an extremely difficult balance. The lines between work and home are blurred. You never quite leave, but you’re never all the way there. I imagine working from home isn’t the relaxing, pajama-clad dream that most of us think about.

I got to witness one mother working from home when I helped take care of Mollie Doll’s two boys. She was wearing both of her hats (working and mothering) almost all the time. At the time, her office was her bedroom. She worked while I played with her boys, but she could hear them. They knew she was there, so of course, they interrupted her constantly.

I listened to her navigate important business calls with a three year old banging around Hot Wheels at her ankles.

And the thing is, almost always, Mollie handled her boys with love and patience. She switched roles just about seamlessly. She didn’t make it look easy, but I knew she was thankful for her two different roles. She made it look possible. One reason she was able to do this was Mollie gave up some control. She trusted me. I think her trust in others and her boys really helped her to work from home. It was wonderful to watch.

I salute you mamas who work from home!

I thank you, Mollie Doll, for showing me a wonderful example of motherhood.

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One thought on “Tell A Mom Tuesdays: Working from Home

  1. When I first got back to work, after a one-year maternity leave (lucky me!), I thought that how most of my colleagues who were mamas before me where handling it was by working at home while taking care of a sick child (we have the possibility of working from home…. again, lucky me!)… How very naive of me!!! Now that I’ve had some experiences with my child being sick, I know that whenever that happens, I can’t do a full day of work while she’s around! First of all, when she’s sick, it’s VERY rare that she does like us adults that want to stay in bed all day… She has SO much energy! Second, she wants to do the same things as me, so forget about typing on the computer… (So forget about working, in my case!) And third, whenever she’s sick enough that she wants to stay in bed… it’s a sign that’s it’s time to go to the clinic! So, kudos to all mamas working from home: I don’t know how you manage! (Also, kudos to all stay-at-home mamas, that’s a job that is soooo difficult, without ANY pay!)

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