Blindsided by a Bathtub

baby tub

It’s funny the moments that actually make me sad or pause about Mae growing up and getting bigger. It’s never the ones that are meant to. She turned six months old on Friday, August 15th, and I felt celebratory about it. She learned to roll over both ways last week, and she is inch-worming around this week. None of these milestones hit me. But then, she outgrew her baby bathtub. She’s been in the same reclining, lay-down tub since she was born. Last week, my sister gave me a little seat for the bathtub. I thought surely Mae couldn’t sit up in it yet, so I just tried it for kicks. Oh, she could sit in it, and she loved it. And just like that, no more baby bathtub.

new chair

Jimmy and I were both blindsided by how sad we felt about retiring her first bathtub. I think it’s for a few reasons. For one thing, babies grow out of clothes every few weeks, at least ours has, and they are always changing. But she has had this same bathtub for six months. It’s been a constant. The main reason I think it’s hard to let go of, though, is the bath was one place, even during the terrible colicky months, that Mae was happy. Some days, bath time was our only happy time with Mae. So that little tub holds some of our greatest memories during her early months.


The old, little tub meant she had to look up at us. She couldn’t play with toys, really. Now she is facing out and sitting up. She immediately started splashing and playing. I love to see her thrilled by the world, but I also want to keep her as just mine.


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