4 Mistakes I Made in Labor

Happy Labor Day!

1. Pandora: I didn’t pay for the no-commercial version before labor, and all I wanted was to listen to Mavis Staples and the Deepak Chopra channel. And if you’ve ever been in labor, it’s like you are in a trance, and nothing breaks that trance like a commercial about the new Lexus…this was a fail.

2. Family: we called them waaaay tooooo early. My labor lasted 30 hours. These poor people were up for about 24 hours waiting on Mae’s arrival, which meant they were worn out too.

3. Shots: I had horrible back labor. I don’t wish back labor on my worst enemy (I don’t think I have one of these). Mae was not in an optimal position, so they wanted me to stay in this position on my side. This felt impossible because I couldn’t stay still, so the midwife gave me several shots in my back of water??? I’m not sure what it was, but it hurt like hell!!! It felt like a bee sting times 50. I should have just gotten an epidural at this point.

4. Declining Pain Meds: after having a c-section, major surgery, I decided I didn’t need pain meds because I was breastfeeding and didn’t want to pass on meds to Mae. The huge error of this decision was not made apparent until I stood up for the first time. Holy pain! I couldn’t get the meds fast enough after that.

All that said, I look back on Mae’s birth fondly. Our team of providers, made my c-section special. I got skin-to-skin time with Mae. The nurses took such good care of us. My husband was a huge support. So these are four mistakes amongst many, many triumphs.


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