Tell A Mom Tuesdays: Mamas of Three

America is built for even numbers. The number of seats at a table in a restaurant is usually two or four. The number of hot dogs in a pack is eight. It’s usually a 2 for 1 special, not a 3 for 1. When you decide (or are surprised) to have three children, you are stepping outside of the normal nuclear family mold. The “perfect” family has four members, with one boy and one girl (insert sarcastic tone).

However, many parents actually take on more than one or two children. Some of you crazy people have three (or more)!

I come from a family of three girls. At one point, my mom had a six year old, four year old, and newborn. And I was a terrible napper, y’all. Terrible. I don’t know how she did it. As the mother of only one baby girl, I don’t think having three children under the age of seven is possible. But obviously, it is.

My sister-in-law, Kristen Smithwick, has three children, and she also is part owner of a company. They have two dogs, a cat, two ducks, a hermet crab, and a fish. Her house is not a pig sty. She is kind to people. She is amazing.

Kristen with her baby girl and mini me.

Kristen with her baby girl and mini me.

She has a four-year-old daughter, a seven-year-old son, and a ten-year-old daughter. When I first met my husband, seven years ago, she had a nine-month-old and four-year-old. She was just trying to keep her head above water. So I have been lucky enough to watch her navigate motherhood, gaining more confidence and know-how along the way. She puts thought into the way she mothers and the kind of people she wants to raise. Kristen and her husband take care of their marriage and give their children the gift of respecting and loving one another. They are a pretty kick-ass family.


I’m so thankful to have a role model like this in my life. She has a wealth of knowledge about motherhood and doles it out gently and without judgment. Kristen mothers from a place of deep love and compassion, but also intelligence and wit. Not to mention, she loves Mae so, so much.

Next-level mommying: holding Mae, taking a work call, and making nachos...what?!

Next-level mommying: holding Mae, taking a work call, and making nachos…what?!

She doesn’t make having three children look easy–no one can do that–but she makes it look worthwhile and even fun. #tellamom today!



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