Tell A Mom Tuesdays: The Go-Getter Sister

Robyn Barnes is a teacher, talented photographer, and mom to two little boys, one of whom we like to call Sumo Baby–boy is HUGE and cute. She can grow a baby!

Eating some blueberry pie!

Eating some blueberry pie!

She also happens to be one of my my newly acquired sisters! (my mom got married!) Robyn gave me my crash course in cloth diapering that convinced me to try it with Mae, and we our so thankful for that. We love all the money we save.

Robyn was a single parent for quite some time with her oldest son, Gabe, and she’s had some tough times, but she always finds the humor in a situation. She has a resiliency that is obvious and impressive.

robyn and gabe

When I was deep in my postpartum anxiety and Mae was at her most colicky, Robyn witnessed it. She lives beside my mom and could literally hear Mae screaming from her house. She’d come over in the evenings during the week that I stayed with Mom to take a shift with Mae. She actually got her to stop screaming a few times, which means she’s touched by the spirit or something. I remember one night I was laying in the dark of my Mom’s bedroom while Mae screamed outside with Jimmy. I couldn’t move. Robyn came in and tried to get me to go to the grocery store with her, but I refused. So she did exactly what I needed in that moment. She didn’t persist in trying to get me to come with her. She laid down on the bed beside me, our heads touching, and she confirmed how much this sucked. That my baby was pretty horrible and that I was feeling really bad and rightly so. I respect Robyn as a mom, so to hear those words from her made me feel just a smidge better, which was way more than anyone else could accomplish that night. Somehow she made me know, for a moment, that that horrific time would pass.

Robyn straps her baby to her back and remodels a bathroom. She likes to have her hands in the dirt, yet she has a delicate eye when it comes to her photography. And she has one of those chuckles that really makes you feel rewarded for a joke.

She’s been an unexpected addition to my village of moms. I’m so thankful for her. She has reminded me of what it’s possible to accomplish as a mom because she doesn’t let anything stop her.

Some of Robyn's beautiful photos of Mae.

Some of Robyn’s beautiful photos of Mae.


Any new additions to your own village of moms? #tellamom


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