Before I Forget: Porch Time on My Birthday

Mae and I have had a peaceful moment on the porch this morning, and I want to write it down before I forget it:


You will finally go on longer walks in your stroller. We’ve strolled for three consecutive mornings in our new neighborhood. I’m hoping this is a ritual we will keep up. You coo or keep quiet and become very relaxed. After our morning walk today, you sat in my lap and had your bottle on the porch. It’s July, but storms are coming this weekend, so it is coooool. A breeze blew through all the many trees in our backyard. You watched them and drank. You do this little movement now when you are relaxed at the bottle: you tap your head and tug your ear, like a little monkey. I could watch it all day. So we sat in the quiet and cool of this morning, and you tapped and tugged away happily. I love to look down at you then and see you in profile, your long eyelashes…I want to remember how in love with each other we were today, on my 32nd birthday.





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