Tell A Mom Tuesdays: Single Mamas

Danielle is a new friend of mine, but we hit it off right from the start, so it feels like I’ve known her much longer. She’s spunky and kind–two of my favorite attributes in a person.

Danielle has four children: one biological daughter, an adopted son, and two adopted daughters. Yes, read that last sentence again. She’s amazing. And she’s the sole parent in her household.

I have thought about single parents every day since Mae was born. Every day. There were so many days in the first three months (like every day) that knowing Jimmy was coming home to relieve me was what got me through the loooooong afternoons. It went like this: play with Mae, check the clock, bounce on the ball with Mae, check the clock. It was a countdown to Jimmy (my relief) all the time, and I can’t imagine how I would have gotten through without that relief, and without the thought of that relief, the knowing it wasn’t all on me.

Single moms are superhuman. I don’t know how they do it.

And my friend Danielle’s kids are the best kids. I went to her house recently and they did the following without any prompting from mom:

1. Helped me unload my car.
2. Played and loved on Mae.
3. Helped me load my car.
4. Listened and followed directions.

I want Mae to hang around them all the time so some of those manners will rub off on her!

To Danielle and all the single moms, keep up the good and hard work. You are some badass mamas.


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