Parent Pet Peeve #2: Timelines or Milestones

Every new mom is given a timeline or milestones or deadlines for her baby. These dates are all over the internet (with horrible titles like “Is your baby on track?”) and baby books and the pediatrician’s office. And new moms cling to them because they promise things will change or get better. AIso, I think we are all worried and asking “Is my baby normal?” Because sometimes they are so difficult, we assume this just can’t be normal, and hitting those milestones reassures us in some way.  And every mom has one of these milestones, or many, that drove her crazy, and maybe still is.

For me, the milestone that we didn’t meet was “hitting your stride” at six weeks of breastfeeding. Everything I read online and in the books and even advice from well-meaning family and friends, said “just keep going until six weeks and it will get easier.”

No surprises where this is going: shit hit the fan at six weeks. Mae starting screaming through every feeding. Half the time she wouldn’t eat. My left nipple had what my lactation called “a crevasse” not a crack. I was in extreme pain through every feeding, every two hours. So I’d been sticking it out, just putting me head down, knowing it was going to improve at six weeks, and then it got worse, not better. Excuse my language, but this really FUCKED with my mind and spirit when it came to breastfeeding. I wish I hadn’t had this pretend deadline in my mind. Now I try to ignore all the milestones. I pay attention to Mae. I pick up on what she’s trying to do next, and that’s enough.

What milestone/deadline drove you crazy?

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The FamilyCord Baby Milestones Guide – Brought To You By FamilyCord

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