Tell A Mom Tuesdays

I heard about this concept on the One Bad Mother podcast, which is hilarious and wonderful and all parents need to listen to it. So every Tuesday I will be giving a shout out to a mom, just telling her she’s doing a great job. I’m doing this because so much out there on the internet fuels the “mommy wars” or is advice driven or judgmental. I think we need spaces that are just about praising moms.

This Tuesday, I’d like to write about my good friend Jennifer Buck. Jennifer is the mother of six-month-old twin girls, Kate and Claire. She’s the mother of twins. Enough said, right? I’ll go on a little more.

Jennifer delights in her babies. She’s one of my mother-friends that always reminds me to find joy in every small milestone. Kate and Claire are a month older than Mae, so Jennifer and I went through our pregnancies together and now our babies’ first years. She’s been a friend who I can share honestly with and most importantly, we both know how to laugh at ourselves and each other! Humor may be the most important mommy-tool of all, and Jennifer has been a giggler since I met her in high school. How wonderful it will be for her girls to grow up around a woman like that. I remember that I could find my mom when we were out shopping by listening for her laughter. I think Jennifer’s girls will do the same.

Here’s to you, Jennifer Buck! You are doing one helluva good job! I hope Kate and Claire are as kind, thoughtful, and funny as you.

Maybe Mae got her chin dimple from Jennifer? ;)

Maybe Mae got her chin dimple from Jennifer? I tell Mae it’s where God took a bite out of her because she was so sweet, and so is Jennifer.


And I want to encourage all of you to #tellamom today and every Tuesday. We could start our own positive revolution.


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