Fuck You, Babycenter

Okay, so Babycenter is a pregnancy/parenting website. It has “information” about pregnancy and baby basics. If you google anything related to babies, Babycenter comes up as a result. And I don’t know about you, but I was a googling addict when pregnant. “What is the difference between Braxton Hicks and contractions?” “Baby not kicking for two hours.” “How to induce labor.” “Why does garlic make me sick?” I think most of us are guilty of too much googling, and Babycenter is the worst for answers, so I just want to say: Fuck you, Babycenter.

Fuck you for saying things like “Put your baby down drowsy but awake” like this will work for most babies and is easy to do.

Fuck you for telling me a sound machine will make my baby sleep longer as if a sound machine is some genius answer that nobody has heard of.

Fuck you for encouraging people to use those stupid DH, DD, & DS abbreviations. They make  me sick!

Fuck you for being a place that perpetuates parents’ fears and insecurities. The majority of the people who write on your message boards should all be put on a deserted island together and left there.

Fuck you for your sample nap schedules that are perfect and totally unrealistic and made for some mutant baby.



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