First Beach Trip and Good Friends

So we packed up Mae and Arthur and everything else in the Honda Fit, which surprisingly wasn’t too crowded, and we headed to Emerald Isle last Friday for the weekend. She was a great rider this time. I brought several toys she’d never seen before, so that helped keep her busy.

I’m always a little nervous about sleep when we travel, but Mae usually does fine, and she was fine again. The bonus room on our trailer actually has a little laundry room and Mae’s rock-n-play fit perfectly in there, so that was “her” room and we just closed the curtain that separates it from “our” room.

Our good friends Emily and Phillip came down to stay too, and boy do they get MVP of the weekend. Jimmy and I didn’t cook a thing, and they were such a help with Mae. We need Emily and Phillip all the time!

Anyways, we really had the best weekend that we’ve had since Mae was born. It felt like a real weekend. We went to the beach, drank beer, ate shrimp and grits, went to Dairy Queen, and played a hilarious game of Scattergories.

Spending this time with Mae and some good friends reminded me of one of my favorite parts of having a child. I love observing the way our loved ones interact with our daughter. It’s amazing to watch our friends and family love Mae instantly, and this interaction adds another layer to our relationship with our friends and family. Suddenly, my sister is also Mae’s aunt and our friends are also her babysitters and my uncle is her great uncle. Sharing Mae with those that we love is just a wonderful experience. We also get to experience our friends in a new way. Babies bring out an innocence and goofiness in people that is inspiring.

People have been so generous to us with their love, support, encouragement, and babysitting. They say it takes a village, and we are so thankful to have one.




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