Really, Another Photo of Your Baby on Facebook?

So when I was pregnant, Jimmy and I discussed photos of our baby on Facebook. We said we wouldn’t share much since a) it was probably boring and b) we didn’t want to start our kid’s social media trail before she could make that decision for herself. Oops! We failed miserably on that one. And here’s why, I think: new parenthood in today’s society is pretty isolating and social media is one way to share your experiences.


We haven’t gone this far yet…

Sidenote: I know many of you aren’t reading this because you’ve de-friended me due to all the baby photos I post! Oh well…There’s even a tool for people to replace baby photos on their newsfeed.

Seriously, I know that if you don’t have kids, you really don’t care that my baby is sitting in a Bumbo for the first time (you don’t even know what a Bumbo is), but damn it, I am so freakin’ excited about it. And if you do have kids, you’re excited too and excited that someone else also cares about the small triumphs of parenthood because for the most part it’s pretty monotonous.

Surprise! Here’s another photo of Mae:

Her first time at the beach!

Her first time at the beach!

One rule that Jimmy and I agreed on and plan to stick to is: no naked photos on social media. Really, no photos of our child on Facebook that we wouldn’t put up of ourselves. That means no toilet pics either.

But to each her own. What did you decide? Did you stick to it?

Who doesn't want to see this? ;)

Who doesn’t want to see this? 😉


One thought on “Really, Another Photo of Your Baby on Facebook?

  1. I enjoy seeing what Mae is doing and what she looks like as she grows…and this is an easy way to share with folks. If I were concerned, I would see if there is a way to only share the posts about her with folks you. Know well.

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