A Husband Becomes a Father

Today is Jimmy’s first Father’s Day, so I’m feeling sentimental. Mae is also, somehow, napping well today, so I have time to write. It is her 4-month birthday, so maybe we are turning a corner? I won’t hold me breath!

Back to Jimmy. I vividly remember the first time, on our daughter’s first night of life, that I saw her on his chest. And he was instantly a father. It melted me. I realized all that she would have in a father that I did not. I was so grateful for our girl and her daddy.

As most of you know, I had a very long labor that ended in a c-section. This meant that Jimmy was with our daughter for her first hour of life. He took off his shirt and held her skin-to-skin to help with bonding and breastfeeding with me later. I missed those moments, but it makes my heart so happy that my husband and daughter had that special time together. They are so bonded. She gives him the goofiest of her grins.


He cherishes her and loves her with a gentleness and strength that amazes me daily. He has shown me how to become more patient as a parent.

I’m just so thankful that I don’t have to say things like “my husband helps out.” He doesn’t just “help” or “pitch in” with our daughter. He is a partner and full parent, and I can’t imagine having a child without this support.20140304-140028.jpg

We’ve had some really rough months with Mae. She was colicky, had reflux, had a tongue tie. She was not a happy camper for months. Jimmy and I were in the trenches together, and we still are on some nights. And when I can’t jiggle her for a second longer, he is always there, ready to hold her.



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