Month Two with Mae

So weeks 5-8 were much more difficult than 1-4. This may partly be because I was on hydrocodon for weeks 1-2 as I recovered from my csection. Mainly things got insanely difficult because Mae started having feeding issues. Every nursing session was a struggle. She fussed, screamed, repeat. Every feeding. Every two hours. For weeks. She’s also colicky at night and was screaming from 7-9 each night.

Turns out she had a lip tie and tongue tie, which created an oversupply of my milk. Basically, she couldn’t get to the fatty milk with her mouth, so she only got the sugary, skim milk. This really hurt her tummy! And she was letting us know about it.

She had her tongue and lip tie clipped. I held her through the procedure. It was the first time I had to watch my child in such pain. I held her tight and spoke soft words to her. I found a strength I didn’t know was there. And I keep finding this strength with this little girl. She keeps challenging me and I keep growing.

It’s been a rough month. Many tears between the two of us.

But today we’ve had three good feedings and I’ll take that.


One thought on “Month Two with Mae

  1. Poor you, and poor Mae! It sounds like y’all have been busy figuring things out..
    Be glad for the tongue clipping now, instead of later, as it can affect speech development.
    Things should take a big turn around now! 🙂
    I will be thinking of you all.

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